Look Me In The Eye is a hot property at MIPCOM

I love television as much as I love books and so when a recent idea of mine was a big hit at MIPCOM in Cannes earlier this month I was delighted. This idea arrived in my head fully formed, I knew exactly how it would play out right from the beginning and pitched it to my boss with a crappy sketch I drew there and then on a serviette one rainy Monday morning. He got it and understood its potential immediately, as did our parent company Red Arrow. The format is very powerful and very emotional, but most of all it is about stories. The stories of the amazing contributors who take part in a bid to try and reconcile with someone they haven't spoken to in years. I am ridiculously proud of it and to have the international community embrace something I and my team feel so passionate about has been wonderful. Coming soon to a screen near you. I hope you enjoy it.

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